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Bonuses for PREMIUM

Users can subscribe 'monthly' to a PREMIUM/LITE subscription on CYBERSHOKE. A user who maintains the monthly* subscription format receives an additional day of benefit each month. The maximum bonus period is 3 days (3 months of continuous subscription). In case of missing one month, bonuses are reset to zero.

New kind of monitoring

- a new type of monitoring: added a second variation of monitoring servers in the form of a list, like in the Source engine
- in a new variation of monitoring, the average completion time (AVG.TIME) is now indicated on the SURF, BHOP and KZ maps
- the new monitoring has expanded sorting by number, category, players, location, ping, prime, average FACEIT level and map
- added search by server number
- added our official Discord channel to the list of social networks of the project, which is used for checking PCs of players

- added 25 test servers in a new location: Yekaterinburg

- our the channel has undergone a rethinking and has become available for communication between players on the project


A year later, we finally prepared a draft for this update. If earlier you could only choose a skin, now you have added a number of possibilities: changing the quality to any FLOAT, choosing a side, adding StatTrak, a special Name Tag and the ability to glue absolutely any stickers. All functionality is available on LITE or PREMIUM subscriptions.

We have already tried to do this mode, but it was unsuccessful in implementation. Now we are proudly ready to present it to you. The same entertaining mode that olds from CS 1.6 will remember. A large number of branded features in the functionality and interface for the most comfortable game. Although we have been working on the mode for over 6 months, it is published in beta and is ready to receive your feedback on fixing / adding features.

BHOP mode update 🐇

1. Google created a form for adding maps:
2. Fixed an issue where maps did not change.
3. Players can now use quars that require sv_cheats. Invisible walls can be turned on with the r_drawothermodels 1 command.
4. Fixed an issue where some maps did not have a start.
5. Redesigned SSJ display style.
6. Fixed a problem with spawning in the dark.
7. The HUD has been updated (it is planned to select the HUD).
8. Fixed an issue where triggers on maps did not work.
9. Now displaying triggers in! Showtriggers are color-coded. For setting:! Sts /! Stsettings.
10. Fixed getting stuck on 'ONLY' servers.
11. Added new chat ranks.
12. Removed the limit on characters to the maximum possible in CS: GO. Now you can write entire paragraphs in the chat.
13. The! Setstart command has been added to set your spawn location at the start.
14. Fixed Stage display in HUD.
15. Fixed timelimit and renewal on servers.
16. Fixed loading replay, due to which the bot did not start and caused minor lags.
17. Added! Timelimit /! Nextmap command.
18. All pictures are displayed correctly on the site.

Updating maps on AIMDM

Added: aim_map_remake, aim_redline_remake, awp_row_remake, allpistols_remake

Removed: aim_map_cs, aim_redline, aim_glockon, map_usp_s, aim_furiouz


After the last update, CS: GO Train left the ranks of the competitive map pool, giving way to the new map Ancient. Now you can practice in the modes: Retake, Pistol Retake, DM, HSDM, PISTOLDM, MULTICFG DM, AWPDM, Execute and Duels.

New JAIL mode update

Added 15 new maps, updated the model and logic of the first-aid kit, updated the CMD mut, updated the distribution by teams, updated the bunnyhop in the CMD console, more convenient arrangement of items in the CMD menu.

Destructible Inferno

An interesting map from Lion Doge has appeared in the workshop, where walls and decorations are destroyed on Inferno. This is something new for everyone's familiar Source engine, so much so that it looks like another well-known game.

This map has been added to the PUBLIC mode subcategory. When you spawn, you get 3 breachcharges that will help blast walls. The game is available for up to 20 players on the server. Let the new CSGO begin?

Repeat Pro Player Clutch

During the year we have been making a map where you can play a clutch instead of a professional player. 15 moments and statistics of% similarity with real demos for competing with friends. The map has the ability to view replays of pro players, synchronization of the moment with the player (the general synchronization includes such factors as: the player's movement, the number of shots and the exact time of kills), a hint system, offline saving of records (the total record is the sum of all synchronizations of passed moments) and other. Try it now!

Among Us on You-Know-Whose Palace!

After a few weeks of work, we are ready to present you a new map "Palace". The palace, transferred in a 1:1 format, is incredibly detailed to the smallest detail. A little earlier, we introduced an update in which we completely redid the tasks. At the moment, most of the tasks are an interactive mini-game, close to the original Among Us. The server with the new map can be found by going to the mode page and selecting the au_palace map in the filter settings. Have a nice game!