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Project rules

General provisions
  1. By connecting to our servers or visiting the official website of the project, you automatically agree to these rules and undertake to comply with them
  2. Our project rules are binding on all players , regardless of gender, nationality and religion
  3. A player is any person who has connected to the game server. The administration and privileged players are no different from the rest - A player is a player
  4. While on the project, the player must use nicknames written in Latin or Cyrillic (letters Az, A-Z, as well as numbers 0-9 are allowed)
  5. Profile content must not offend other players on the servers and users of the site. The moderator has the right to require the player to change the profile picture or nickname and issue a ban if the request was ignored.
  6. The project administration has the right to change, add or delete items in the rules at any time. These rules are valid on all game servers of the CYBERSHOKE.NET project
  1. Swearing (Mat) is allowed in a non-offensive form
  2. It is forbidden to use programs to change the voice
  3. It is forbidden to insult the players, their relatives, or to focus on their race
  4. Aggressive manner of communication in relation to the highest Administration of the project is strictly prohibited
  5. Any dispute with the Administration not for documented and unreasonable purposes during the gameplay is prohibited (any complaints are accepted in the CYBERSHOKE support discord:
  6. It is forbidden to deceive/mislead other players (For example: Selling server privileges, trading, phishing links, and other questionable suggestions or statements)
  7. If you are provoked or a person is aggressive on towards you, then the response of aggression to aggression will lead to blocking. Also, it will not be a mitigating circumstance when analyzing situations of blocking, etc.
  8. It is forbidden to impersonate the Administration without having the rights and authority to do so in any form
It is also forbidden on servers
  1. Bypassing server bans using a different Steam account
  2. Using any software that is prohibited by the official Valve developer
  3. Grieving players, and also transmit information about the state of the allied player, while dead/observer
  4. Use of prohibited programs, third-party Skinchanger, AHK scripts, macros, map bugs that give an advantage over other players, any mention of cheats/scripts, even on the player's personal computer
  5. Shooting at allies, uniting opposing teams, spamming, flooding, trolling, provoking other players in text and/or voice chat
  6. Advertising any servers, sites, services, etc. etc., if the advertisement is not related to the project. The exception is the sites that the project cooperates with
  7. The presence of sites in the nickname (names/links, veiled names/links), IP servers, referral links, etc. unrelated to CYBERSHOKE.NET. The exceptions are the sites that the project cooperates with
  8. Using nicknames written with various symbols, hieroglyphs, using “empty” nicknames, duplicating nicknames of other players on the server
  9. Ignore moderators, refuse to be checked on cheats (if the moderator called you), refuse to provide account information (if your profile is hidden and the admin asks to open it)
  10. Begging for something from the players, administration and moderation of the project
  11. Exploitation of flaws in the rules or provocations of administrators
  12. Dissemination of a person's personal information without permission. Personal information includes: personal data, phone number, place of residence
  13. Abuse of project functions that allow you to gain experience and other statistical data dishonestly
  14. Any imitation of the project administration, in nickname, in chat, in the weapon name tag and in the tab tag. Use of prefixes, nicknames related to project management positions
  15. Abuse of tickets (complaints about players on the game server). If you have filed a complaint against a player, you do not need to tell all players to re-file a complaint, any spam, re-throwing tickets for no reason is punishable by a ban
  16. Negative statements towards the project in all its manifestations
  17. Usage Steam community tags that copy user group abbreviations on CYBERSHOKE (For example: PRO, PREMIUM, ADMIN, and others)
  18. In SURF mode, it is forbidden to go through maps and set any records using other people's accounts (play for another person) and twinks. Ban period: 90 days in SURF mode + statistics reset.