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Drop skins
At the end of each game, you have a chance to get a valuable skin in your CS:GO inventoryhe end of each game, you have a chance to get a precious skin in your inventory CS:GO
Every week you have access to individual tasks, and by completing them, you get stars for which you can get valuable prizes
Only PREMIUM holders always know which mode and server a professional player or streamer is on
Priority support
Sending a ticket to the server, choosing a priority in the speed of its service
Unique events
You get access to regular unique events, as well as gaming tournaments
Nickname change
You can change your in-game unique nickname and profile URL once every 3 months
You get the opportunity to choose any skins, create and save collections with skins in the workshop.
Exclusive clan tag
You get the prefix "PREMIUM" or "LITE" in front of the nickname on each server of our grid
Immunity to AWP restriction
You will be able to take AWP in DM mode, even if the maximum number of players with this weapon is reached
No ads
You will not see advertising banners located on our servers
Experience multiplier
You get a boost in gaining experience in global statistics
Reserved slot
Accessing to game servers that are under slots "lock"
Frequently asked questions
How to buy a privilege for a balance or without a bank card?

In the privilege purchase modal window, click on the "Change payment method" button, the button is located at the very bottom of the modal window.

How to cancel monthly charge?

To cancel the monthly charge, you must go to your profile settings, then select the "Privilege" section and in the selected section you will see your subscription, by clicking on "Cancel" you can cancel the monthly charge.

Why is it giving a deposit error?

There are many different reasons why this error may appear, the main reasons may be problems associated with your bank or with the payment system with which you are trying to deposit.


Try one of the following to solve the problem:


1. Choose another payment system when replenishing
2. Try to change the deposit currency
3. If you are trying to top up with a bank card and you get an error, try changing your bank card.

Why didn't the gift privilege come?

1. The sender clicked to pay for the privilege, but due to lack of balance, he was redirected to the replenishment page, after the replenishment, the money was credited to the balance, but the privilege was not presented. The sender needs to repeat the steps to send the gift, after which the required amount will be deducted from the sender's balance, and the gift will be sent. 2.


2. The privilege has been sent to another user. In this case, the sender can contact the support service and use it to transfer the privilege to the inventory to another recipient.

How does the reserve slot work?

Reserve slot - gives you access to most of the servers that are 'locked'.
Each server has 2 reserve slots for PREMIUM players. If there are 18/18 people on the server, 2 PREMIUM players can enter up to 20/18.


Note: on PUBLIC mode in case of a full server you will be moved to the observer list. On CLUTCH, RETAKE CLASSIC, RETAKE, DUELS, DUELS 2X2, EXECUTE, PISTOL RETAKE, AMONG US there is no reserve slot.