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BHOP mode update 🐇

1. Google created a form for adding maps:
2. Fixed an issue where maps did not change.
3. Players can now use quars that require sv_cheats. Invisible walls can be turned on with the r_drawothermodels 1 command.
4. Fixed an issue where some maps did not have a start.
5. Redesigned SSJ display style.
6. Fixed a problem with spawning in the dark.
7. The HUD has been updated (it is planned to select the HUD).
8. Fixed an issue where triggers on maps did not work.
9. Now displaying triggers in! Showtriggers are color-coded. For setting:! Sts /! Stsettings.
10. Fixed getting stuck on 'ONLY' servers.
11. Added new chat ranks.
12. Removed the limit on characters to the maximum possible in CS: GO. Now you can write entire paragraphs in the chat.
13. The! Setstart command has been added to set your spawn location at the start.
14. Fixed Stage display in HUD.
15. Fixed timelimit and renewal on servers.
16. Fixed loading replay, due to which the bot did not start and caused minor lags.
17. Added! Timelimit /! Nextmap command.
18. All pictures are displayed correctly on the site.