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What is included in the PREMIUM subscription

  1. SKINCHANGER is a legal opportunity to use CS:GO skins and gloves on CYBERSHOKE servers, which are visible not only to you, but to all players of the server grid. Collect your sets or use ours, look at your friends' sets and change them with one click. Please don't confuse us with the standalone SKINCHANGER software, it will get you banned on our servers.

  2. Reserve Slot: You will lose your 'lock' on full servers. We do not have a policy of 'kicking players without a purchased perk', so each server has 2 additional slots for PREMIUM players. That is, if there are 18/18 people on the server, then 2 players with a privilege up to 20/18 can still go there. Note: On AMONG US, RETAKE, PISTOL RETAKE and EXECUTE, if the server is full, you will be moved to the watchlist. There is no reserve slot on DUELS, AIMDM and ARENA.

  3. No ads: since our project is completely free, we are financially supported by large projects. We place advertising banners at the bottom of the game, on the walls and in the server chat. With an active subscription, you won't see any of the above.

  4. Exclusive Tag: PREMIUM or LITE subscribers are identified in the Tab with a unique 'PREMIUM' or 'LITE' tag.

  5. AWP Limit Immunity: On DM, only PREMIUM players have the ability to pick up an AWP on the server.

  6. Skin Drop is a unique system working on absolute randomness. At the end of the game, there is a chance to drop skins for PREMIUM players. The skin appears in a personal profile on the site with the ability to pick up on STEAM or sell, having received 'crystals'. We do not guarantee drop skins, take this feature as a bonus to other privileges. Life hack: if you forget about this function, there are more chances to knock out the skin.

  7. Games with streamers and PRO-players: information about the server and mode is broadcast in the 'compass' to the left of your avatar where streamers or PRO players play. You have the opportunity to connect to them and play together.

  8. Experience multiplier: We have a lot of game levels, but only PREMIUM players have an advantage to raise it. premium, premium, premium, premium, vip, vipka, vipku