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Leaderboard and titles on modes

In 20 modes, a system of scoring is enabled, for which the player is assigned the title of the mode, in total, 16 titles are available for obtaining. There are two types of scoring system - rating and cumulative.
You can see your points and rank on the "Leaderboard" tab. You can follow the points in the "monthly" leaderboard category, as well as in the "all time" leaderboard category. "Monthly" leaderboard is reset on the first day of each month. The points you accumulate in different months are stored and displayed collectively in the "all time" leaderboard category. Your rank is affected by the number of points you have earned over time. There must be a minimum of 4 people on the server to receive points or be calibrated. Accounting for your points in the leaderboard on the site goes after you leave the server. Players of BHOP, SURF, KZ modes have saved statistics that were before the release of the update.
Ranking system
Here you go through the calibration, which results in the rank of the mode. For each useful action (for example, frag, multi-kill or victory in the round) you get points, and the higher your level, the less points you get. Because of this, getting the next rank will be more difficult than the previous one. In the same way, respectively, you can lose points and go down in rank.

Modes with a rating system: all kinds of DM and RETAKE, ARENA, EXECUTE, MULTICFG, DUELS (single and 2v2).
Accumulative system
There is no calibration here, all players from the start are given the first rank. You gradually accumulate points for useful actions (for example, kills, assists, bomb defuse, MVP of the round, etc.), and the same number of points is awarded for all ranks. Similarly, you can lose the title.

Accumulation system modes: AWP, SURFCOMBAT, KNIFE, PUBLIC.
BHOP, SURF and KZ have their own individual cumulative scoring system
They give you points for completing maps. The number of points depends on your current rank and TIER of the map: the higher the TIER and the difficulty of the map, the more points you will be given, and the higher your rank, the less points you will receive for completing the map.