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PREMIUM players have access to 5 missions. The passage of the mission is divided into 3 stages: after each stage, you can either pick up the token or continue playing on increased difficulty. If you do not like the task, then it can be replaced with another one. The mission resets 7 days after completion.


Rewards and currency:
  • Tokens - issued for completing tasks. They come in bronze, silver, and gold.
  • Quest replacement tokens - issued for completing a mission completely, allow you to replace one task. At the beginning, each player has 10 replacement tokens.
  • Skinfall is a giveaway where you can get skins or devices. Held once every few hours or days. You can automatically become a repeat participant in new draws by pressing a special button.
  • Case - open without a key and contain themed rewards in the form of an instant guaranteed prize.
Progress in missions is not updated:
  • First of all, make sure that you have an active PREMIUM subscription, without it you will not have access to receive prizes in tasks.
  • Progress information is updated after leaving the server.
  • If you have PREMIUM active, and all the conditions were met when completing the tasks (for example, "Perform headshots"), and the progress has not been updated or is 0, press CTRL+F5 if you are using a regular browser. When using Valve's in-game overlay, you will need to clear the cache manually. Go to Steam Settings > In Game > Delete Browsing Data