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CYBERSHOKE has its own ranking system of 19 levels. To increase the level, you need to gain experience by making kills when playing on servers. Players without PREMIUM get 1XP per kill if experience is available on the server.  

One of the benefits of PREMIUM status is an experience multiplier. To find out if there is a multiplication mode, you will need to click on the “Level Up” card, which is available on the monitoring page of the selected mode. In the window that opens, you will be shown the number of points that you can get when playing.

1 level1 level0 XP
1 level2 level500 XP
1 level3 level1300 XP
1 level4 level3000 XP
1 level5 level6000 XP
1 level6 level15000 XP
1 level7 level26000 XP
1 level8 level38000 XP
1 level9 level50000 XP
1 level10 level64000 XP
1 level11 level76000 XP
1 level12 level89000 XP
1 level13 level103000 XP
1 level14 level118000 XP
1 level15 level134000 XP
1 level16 level151000 XP
1 level17 level190000 XP
1 level18 level250000 XP
1 level19 level400000 XP