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Playing with skins and DM LITE category

DM LITE - A more optimized version of DM without SKINCHANGER and some other features, great for weaker PCs. The main feature of the category is that after playing it, you don't have to restart CS:GO to enter matchmaking or FACEIT. Such servers are found only in DM, HSDM, PISTOLDM, AWPDM modes.

What to do if SKINCHANGER doesn't work? First of all, make sure that you have an active PREMIUM or PREMIUM LITE subscription, SKINCHANGER does not work without it. Go to your profile on the site: there is a tab where you can select a skin by clicking on it. If you have PREMIUM active, but this functionality does not work, press CTRL + F5 to clear the cache. When using Valve's in-game overlay, you will need to clear the cache manually. Open Steam Settings > Browser > Clear Browser Cache. After clearing the cache, click on the 'Reset Skins' button in the SKINCHANGER tab
A border appears around the cell of the selected skin. If there is a stroke around the skin on the site, but it is not displayed on the server, check 2 points:
  1. Your CYBERSHOKE account must match the account authorized in the Steam application on PC
  2. Make sure you are not playing on LITE servers.